Daybreak Dogs is based in North Somerset and offers training classes from puppies through to adult dogs and specialises in teaching dog agility. Their website where you can get more information and book a class is
They use positive reinforcement in the form of treats, toys and activities  to reward dogs in their lessons and everyday lives.

If you're struggling with a training issue that requires 1-2-1 help and advise, they offer private training at your home or at their venues. Email them via for more information and an appointment.

You'll recognise a dog trained at Daybreak from their waggy tail, bright eyes and pricked ears - they are taught that learning is fun!
You'll recognise an owner trained at Daybreak by the way they interact with their dog in a happy and encouraging way - they teach handlers that training is something which is happening 24/7 and that learning is something that should be enjoyable for both them the teacher AND their dog student.

Daybreak classes are located in Clevedon,Nailsea, Kingston Seymour and of course Yatton!