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Phoenix Fencing Club

Phoenix Fencing Club is a local based fencing club run from Yatton Village hall in Yatton, North Somerset North of Weston-super-Mare.

Club runs on Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm
Costs are as follows:
Adults (over 18) £4.50 per person per session
Children (under 18) £3.50 per person per session
Please note Annual fees also apply, this runs from January to January
First session is 100% free

Equipment required to attend our club:
A single glove (any glove will do as long as it is not fingerless)
A right handed glove for a right handed person
A left handed glove for a left handed person
Please note although we do Fence with foil sabre and epee our coaches can only coach members in foil and sabre
Safety is our highest priority at the club. Stupidity should be left at the door.

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